Wedding Entry

Helicopter Wedding Entrance

The bride and groom on their wedding day are both stylish and glamorous. For an unforgettable entrance or departure, arrive or depart from your wedding venue in one of our beautiful and luxurious Eurocopter helicopters. Our immaculately presented helicopters feature leather seats, air conditioning and noise cancelling head sets (Optional) to ensure you arrive at your venue relaxed, comfortable and in style. Our helicopters are the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photography. We are happy to wait while photographs are taken to immortalize your moments.

Ride Ideas For Marriage

Bridegroom Ride

The arrival of the bridegroom is very special. All the guests will be eagerly waiting for the arrival of the bridegroom and you can make a splashing entry by landing from a helicopter. It would showcase how handsome, elegant and rich you are, as a bridegroom, to all the wedding guests. This unique entry will leave a very prestigious impression in the minds of all the people attending the auspicious event.

Bride Ride

A girl is considered as Lakshmi in our country, India. If you are a beautiful young girl who is going to be a bride soon, then you can make your entry to the marriage hall from a helicopter that you can choose from the helicopter rental service provider. You can land off from the helicopter like a princess! You would look stunningly beautiful wearing your expensive costume and jewels when you get down from the aircraft! It will be a great treat to the eyes of all your family and friends.

Ride To The Hotel

After marriage at the temple, the bride and bridegroom would really love to enjoy a ride by air to the hotel where the reception takes place. Nowadays all the hotels have the provision of helipads for their customers! The couple, as man and wife would travel all through their life together and hence could start their journey of life with great excitement and happiness together flying together in a helicopter. You can just book a helicopter for your wedding and feel the love of each other by celebrating the occasion high from the earth!

Flower Shower

After dropping you at the hotel, we make arrangements to shower flowers from the helicopter on you and all your guests. We shower many kilograms of flowers on you and give you a feeling of the Gods showering their blessings from heaven on you for a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Destination Weddings

Today, young people have trending new ideas of wedding plans. Are you a young gentleman or a young lady who wishes to do all things creatively and beautifully? Do you wish to have your marriage ceremony at a beautiful island or any other scenic destination? Go ahead and make arrangements for your wedding as the marriage helicopter rent price in India is vhery affordable!

Why Choose Us To Rent A Helicopter For Wedding?

  • We have a number of helicopters from which you can choose the most suitable one for you according to your wish! Our helicopters have large windows that facilitate a good view of the terrain above which you are flying.
  • All our aircrafts are well maintained and sanitized.
  • We have the best pilots of India who could always ensure a safe journey to you and your loved ones.
  • We always send our supporting staff with you to assist you in all situations to enjoy your trip. Our experienced professionals are very friendly with you and would really make your wedding ride a great success!
  • There are a plenty of plans for you to choose depending on the time you would like to spend in the flight, the number of persons, the model of the helicopter and the distance of your destination from your starting point.
  • You can capture the scenic beauty during your travel in air or can also take a photographer to capture your best moments as a couple for the first time!
  • It is better for you to rent a helicopter rather than buying a new one as it costs much lower!
  • The rent we charge is very affordable and able to make a private helicopter booking easily.
  • We do not impose any hidden charges on you. We collect only the fees mentioned in the initial quote and never deceive you as you are our valuable customers.

Important Points To Keep In Mind For Booking A Helicopter For Rent.

  • Written permission from district administration should be obtained for wedding helicopter services.
  • The destination you choose should have helipad facilities with proper markings.
  • No hindering materials like carpets, chairs, plastic materials, papers or covers must be present in the landing area.
  • The site must be clean and properly watered before the landing of the helicopter.
  • Wind socks or flag must be present to judge wind direction.
  • Smoke generation process must be done to help the pilot locate the area.
  • Police security, fire brigade and ambulance facility must be readily available in the landing place as per government rules.
  • No unauthorized persons, vehicles or animals should be allowed in to the helipad. *lt should be noted that due to weather changes, the trip might be cancelled.
  • For more details, check Civil Aviation Requirement Section 4 Series B Part II.